Taking Stock by Sue Stock

Week of Jan. 10:
Nutri-Grain bars or Special K bars. If you have some of the $1 off one coupons from Dec. 14 by that?s an even better deal.

*Select Harvest soups are $1.25 and there was a 50 cents off two coupon Sunday that will double.

*Softsoap is $1 and the 35-cent coupon from Sunday will double to make that 30 cents.

*Colgate toothpaste is $1.50 and there was a 75-cent coupon Sunday.

*Nicorette gum is $39.99 and there was a $15 coupon Sunday.

*Crest Premium Whitestrips are $29.99 and there was a $5 coupon on Dec. 28.

*Vitaminwater is $1 and there were those coupons on Dec. 7 to get a free Powerade when you buy two Vitaminwaters.

*Powerade is 79 cents this week
*Puffs tissues are 89 cents with the store coupon from Sunday?s sales flier. Then you can also use the 25-cent coupon from this weekend?s Parade magazine to make it 64 cents.

*Progresso soups are $1.25 and there was a 50 cents off two coupon Sunday.

*DEAL OF THE WEEK: There?s a great deal on Special K cereal (for those of you taking the Special K challenge). Buy four boxes for $10 and get $3 back in an instant Register Rewards rebate. (To read more about Register Rewards

click here.) Then if you have four of the $1 coupons from Dec. 14 or two of the $1 off two coupons from Sunday

Published – which is a great price. If that includes the Powerade Zero (anyone know?) that 40-cent coupon from Sunday would double to make them FREE.

*Welch?s grape juice and V8 are $3 and there are $1 coupons for both of them.

*Jello 6 packs are $2 and there was a 50-cent coupon Sunday that will double to make them $1 (that?s the best price this week).

At Walgreens this week (good through Saturday