Under the Dome by bkrueger

Robinson seeking GOP post

David Robinson, chairman of the Wake County Republican Party, announced today that he wants to be the chairman of the state GOP.

Robinson issued a press release announcing his candidacy to be state GOP chairman. He said the state party should "challenge government corruption and liberal agendas" every day of the year.

State Chairwoman Linda Daves has said she will not seek re-election to another term. Former Lee County Commissioner Chad Adams and former state Sen. Woody White are considering runs. Guilford County stockbroker Marcus Kindley has announced that he is seeking the post.

Published – 20092001

Under the Dome by janestancill

No room on the Mall

Thousands of people are unable to make their way onto the Mall, reports Matt Ehlers.

A group that traveled by bus from North Carolina is stuck on Independence Avenue at 15th Street, not far from the Washington Monument. The crowd is about a block away from the Mall, but movement is very difficult. Nothing is visible, except a sea of humanity.

People are hanging from trees and perched on top of portable potties, trying desperately to see the Jumbotrons. They know the ceremony is under way because they can hear cheers.

Shana Locke, 27, traveled all the way from the Atlanta but can't see a thing, even after climbing atop a big barrier.

"It's OK,"she said. "I'm part of the experience and I'm here."

Published – 20092001