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Love: Pay for high school projects

A state legislators says the state should pay to oversee high schoolers' senior projects.

Rep. Jimmy Love, a Sanford Democrat, called the new graduation requirement an unfunded mandate, saying he is considering a proposed law to allow school districts to drop it unless the state pays for it.

The State Board of Education is requiring all high school students starting with the class of 2010 to complete an ambitious project: Write a paper, create a product and present their work to a panel of judges. Students must find mentors too.

"The graduation project is OK as long as you provide the money," said Love, who serves as the school board attorney in Lee County. "I'm looking to put the thing off until the legislature funds it or somebody funds it."

It is not clear how much the graduation project costs. Local school districts do not have uniform rules and the state Department of Public Instruction has not estimated the cost. (N&O)?

Published – 20080512